The concept of a tiny house, such as a birdhouse, is interesting and unique when it is materialised in the form of the Little Free Library (LFL). The Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) Library took that approach in 2015 when its Senior Deputy Chief Librarian, Pn. Nor Azzah Momin introduced LFL in the USIM campus as part of an effort to cultivate the reading culture (Iqra’) in the daily lives of USIM members.

The concept is very simple, “Take a book, return a book”. The LFL is erected in an easily accessible location and filled with free reading materials for the public. The upkeep is also not too challenging but requires a commitment to always update and maintain the LFL.

The USIM LFL is registered with the Little Free Library Organisation (LFL) headquartered in Hudson, New York. The University Management also supports the expansion of this project. If given wider attention, it can create a harmonious atmosphere to foster reading especially to the younger generation. Take a look at the following interview. Full article