Main Library Facilities


The library provides two computer labs to facilitate users to participate in users education and training programs. Computer lab 1 can accommodate for 40 peoples and computer lab 2 for 20 people. In addition, users can also book the labs for other appropriate activities. The labs are located at level 4 and are next to each other.

Please click here to check the availability of the room before reservation.


The library provides 8 units of discussion room  where 3 units are available at level 1 and the other 5 units are available at level 2. The rooms are different in capacity and each unit is equipped with white board, flipping chart and a set of discussion table. Users need to register at the Circulation Counter in order to use the room.

Should you encounter any problem while using the room, please refer to the Circulation Counter or dial 06-798 6249.


The library provides a seminar room which is at level 4 of the building in order to organize appropriate events in a comfortable environment. The room can accommodate up to 69 people according to the classroom style and for 112 people in theatre style. The room is managed by the Reference  Unit  and  reservations  can be made through online reservation.

Please click here to check the availability of the room before reservation.


The library provides 2 units of theater room at level 3 of the building. The rooms are designed based on the cinema concept and equipped with the white screen, projector and sound system. Reservation for using these rooms can be done at the Mutimedia Counter at level 3.

Please click here to check the availability of the room before reservation.


The room is designed for academicians who want to do their research, reading and other appropriate activities related to teaching and learning in the library. It is located at level 1 and can be accessed anytime during the library opening hours.


Carel rooms are available for users who want to study alone in calmness. The rooms are equipped with one set of study table and each room can be occupied by one single user at a time. Users have to register at Circulation Counter first before using the room.


The library provides 6 units of Self Check Machine at level 1 in order to facilitate users to do borrowing process by their own. Therefore, the process will become more efficient and time-saving. Users are encouraged to use the shelf check machines by following the instructions available on the screen.


The process of returning library’s books is becoming more convenient lately. The library provides 2 unit of Book Drop Machines (at Librarybuilding and Student Mall) that are operated 24 hours a day. This latest technology facilitates users to return book at any time and their record will be updated automatically.


The library provides computers to be used by users at Level 3. Users need to key in their staff or student matric number in order to use the terminal. Each user will be given 1 hour time and it can be extended if there is no reservation from other users. In general, all computers are available for Internet and online databases access as well as to complete the assignment. In addition, the specific multimedia computers are also provided in this area in order to facilitate users to view the multimedia materials. The Multimedia materials can be borrowed through Multimedia Counter. Users may use the computer desks that are provided for them to use with their own laptop. The desks are equipped with electrical and networking socket. Other than that, all areas within the library premise are fully equipped with Wi-Fi. The service allows wireless Internet access all over the building to ease users.


The Audio Visual Room is located at Level 3 and is fully equipped with audio set, headphone, plasma TV, and the most comfort couch in the library. It can accommodate up to 10 users at one time. The room allows users to listen and watch audio visual material such as CD-ROM, VCD, and DVD. In order to use the room, reservation can be made at the Multimedia Counter.

Please click here to check the availability of the room before reservation.


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