FPSK Library Branch Facilities


Users who prefer to study on their own can use the carrel room. There are just 9 carrel rooms in the library. Each of these rooms has a set of study tables and each room can only have one user at a time. Before utilising the carrel room, users must register at the Circulation Counter.


Computer lab is available at the library where patrons can participate in activities such as education sessions and user training. The computer lab can accommodate up to 12 users at any given time. Users can also reserve computer labs for other activities that fulfill their needs


The audiovisual room can accommodate up to 15 users and can be used for seminars, presentations, or workshops. This Audiovisual Room also equipped with a PA system that allows students to do their activities. Before using a room, users must make a reservation at the reference desk


There are two types of lockers available in this library, such as locked lockers and open lockers. The use of locked lockers should refer to the circulation counter and open lockers can be used independently. In addition, students need to keep the locker space clean. The library will not be responsible if damage or loss of items happens in the locker space. Students can send any information regarding the locker space to the staff working at the counter


Reference and thesis collections include dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, biographies, numerical data compilations, handbooks, manuals, bibliographies, yearbooks, gazettes, atlases, indexes, abstracts. All materials available in the reference section cannot be borrowed and can only be refer within the library