Library Collections

The library various collections of library materials which each collection has its own distinguished criteria. Some of the collections are permissible to be borrowed and some can only be referred in the library premise. So, the types of collection, its functions and usage are eminent to facilitate users to retrieve the library materials. To get access to our library collections, please visit to Library WebOPAC.

Below is the types of collections that available in the library:

  • The books of this collection consist of various subjects and areas. It can be borrowed according to the user’s qualification and located at Level 1.

  • The Special Collection is located at level 1 and generally can be borrowed only for 2 hours through Circulation Counter. Basically, the collection is divided into several others collections as follow:
    • Red Spot Collection (Text book and main reference)
    • Thesis Collection
    • Research Collection
    • Examination Papers Collection
    • Map Collection
    • Annual Report Collection
    • Serial Collection (Retrospective)
    • Retrospective News Paper Collection
    • Universities Collection

  • This collection specifically contains of law related materials, including:
    • (A) Acts (including amendment) and Statutes
    • (B) Report and Commentaries
    • (C) Serial (Journal and Magazine)
    • (D) Book

  • This collection can be found at Level 2. It consists of encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, bibliographies, statistics, indexes, and so on. Materials of this collection can only be referred in the library.

  • Located at Level 2, the collection was built up and selected from materials contributed by an individual in vast quantity as well as according to library’s’ criteria. Recently, the library has 4 collections, such as:
    • The Late Tuan Haji Mashadi Salamon Collection (thm)
    • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Chik Wan Ibrahim Collection (wci)
    • Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Kader Talip Collection (akt)
    • Dato' Hj. Mohd. Mortadza Hj. Daud (mmd)
    The call number of this collection is uniquely designed where it begin with the contributors’ aronym name as mentioned above mainly to differentiate each other. The materials can be accessed only within library area.
  • This collection is located at Level 2 and consists of current and latest journal, magazine, bulletin, and news papers. It can only be referred in the library.
  • This collection is basically derived from Serial Collection (Current). When all volumes of particular periodicals were completed, they will be bound and shelf at Serial Collection (Bound) at Level 2 as well.
  • Malaysiana Collection situated at Level 2, covering a range of topics about Malaysia. Materials of this collection are for reference use only and cannot be taken out of the library.
  • The Multimedia Collection can be found at Level 3. A large selection of materials is offered in a variety of formats, such as CD-ROM, DVD, cassette, kit, diskette, and so on. It can be borrowed according to the user’s qualification through Multimedia Counter, located as well at Level 3.

  • This collection is developed to cover a range of topics related to medical, health science, and dentistry. However, they were located at Pandan Indah Library Branch.
  • The Archive Collection is for reference use only. Materials in this collection cannot be taken out of the library. The collection contains of book, news paper cutting, as well as other materials which have esthetical value to the university. The special gallery is placed at Level 3.
  • This collection is basically for reference use only. User need to get special approval in order to access the collection. For the time being, all materials are located at Circulation Unit at Level 2 of the library.

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