Application Guidelines For Renting Library Foyer


These rules are for reference by the outside agencies who interested in hiring library foyer for the purpose of conducting sale, promotional and commercial activities that have been permitted by USIM.



  1. All applications for conducting sales, promotions and commercial activities in the library foyer must be submitted to the Chief Librarian of USIM Library.
  2. Complete application must cover the type of sales / promotional / commercial activities which will be conducted, a detailed list of products / services to be sold / provided and the price for each product / service. Business/company owner's personal details and copies of business licenses / forms must be attached in the application document.
  3. Sale activities / promotions intended must be different from existing business carried on by regular tenants of commercial space in USIM campus.
  4. Complete application should be submitted at least three (3) weeks before the date of sale / promotion / commercial activities to be held.
  5. Applicants which have been short-listed / processed will be brought to the Rental Approver (JKPU member) for approval. The results for each application will be notified in writing by the Chief Librarian to the applicant.
  6. The time allowed for conducting the sales/ promotion/ commercial activities are from 8.00 am - 5.00 pm.
  7. The maximum size allowed for renting one lot of foyer is 12 square meters (3 meters x 4 meters).
  8. Date and place of area / space is determined by the Head of Department /PTJ.
  9. Maximum time decided for the sales/ promotion/ commercial activities is within 10 days. Application that exceed that period will not be entertained.
  10. The applicants are not authorized to conduct sale/ promotion / commercial activities other than those approved.
  11. The applicants must be in the area / space allowed only and not allowed to enter the area / faculty / other buildings without permission.
  12. USIM does not provide chairs, tables and electric appliances such as electric fans and computers. Applicants are asked to manage the facilities themselves.
  13. The use of a plug point for the use of electrical appliances (if any) are limited to two fans and two personal computers or laptops only. The use of electrical equipment other than those allowed to must get permission from the Chief Librarian.
  14. The applicants should ensure that staff who manage the sales / promotion / commercial activities should be well-dressed, polite and not scantily.
  15. The applicants are not allowed to behave immodest, smoking and other matters that could tarnish the image and reputation of the University.
  16. The applicants should ensure that the services are performed according to the conditions set by USIM from time to time. The applicants must also ensure that the interests and policies of the University been preferred during sales / promotions / activities conducted.
  17. The applicants are requested to comply with safety regulations force by USIM. Action will be taken against the applicant by USIM Security Division should you sir/madam contravenes or fails to comply with regulations and directions set by USIM. Renting fee is not refundable if the applicant found to have violated any USIM rules and the laws in force in the course of sales / promotional / commercial activity concerned.
  18. The applicants shall ensure that the rented foyer is in a clean, good and proper condition. Rubbish must be disposed at the waste place.
  19. The applicants is are allowed to interfere with normal learning, teaching, research and administration of the campus while performing sales / promotional / commercial activity concerned.
  20. USIM will not be held responsible for any accident or injury to you sir/madam and your employees under your supervision during and after sales / promotional / commercial activity concerned.


  1. All applications must use the forms that been provided by Bursar Department. The form is available at the Bursar Counter / USIM website / library website.
  2. Failure to abide by the rules and conditions above may cause the sales / promotion / commercial activity been cancelled by USIM.
Please click here to download the application form.
Please click here to download the guidelines for foyer rental in pdf format.
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