Library Automation - The Enhancement of The Library Automation

The Enhancement of The Library Automation

After that, the library enhanced its service by providing self-service machines in early 2007. At the beginning, the library provided 2 unit of Self-Chek Machine and 1 unit of Book-Drop Machine. The machines facilitated users to borrowing and returning library materials by themselves at anytime. Currently, there are 6 unit of Self Check-Machine and 2 unit of Book-Drop Machine provided by the library in line with increment of number of users. Other than that, the library also implemented Library Security System based on RFID technology. The system managed to ensure the safety of library materials was controlled.

In 2008, the Library management has strengthen the quality of its service by providing Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) or known as Selected Information Dissemination and Extended Bibliographic Services (XBS) Content Enrichment on-line by visiting USIM Library WebOPAC at the address

For SDI services Library users need to log in on the "Patron Access" on WebOPAC page. This service will provide information material to the users via email. The information given is related to the choice of subjects specified in the account. Through this service, users can learn the subject material in the Library collections and a new materials acquired by the Library.

XBS is additional information to the existing bibliographic information which will appear in search results of the USIM Library collections. Through XBS services, users will be shown additional information such as the photo cover of the books, notes from the author and the contents of the books. Normally, in searching using USIM Library WebOPAC, users will be notified with information relating to the call number, status, location, item barcode and the number of copies. With this facility, it will enable the user to identify the information needed before searching on the shelves.

Due to knowledge management era, the library enhanced its service by providing USIM's related materials to users through electronic device that stored in electronic repository. The materials can be retrieved through eImtiyaz at anytime and anywhere. eImtiyaz, basically, is an intellectual repository for USIM that keeping USIM's related materials in digital format. Besides, the library also provided a serach engine known as USIM SEARCH. It is hoped that the search engine will becoming as on stop center for searching materials in the USIM Library.


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